Mr. Hoge Suddenly Wants You To Stop Acting Like A Wombat

hoge wants decorum

Apparently the salty language over at Hogewash is getting a little too salty for Hoge’s taste so today he’s issued this edict calling for the end of words not appointed for use on the Sabbath.

Uh huh.

This is the part of the program we call “running the broom over yourself”. Having had his motions for dismissal rejected in Montgomery County and federal courts it’s now obvious to Mr. Hoge that, at least in his case, he’s going to have some ‘splainin to do.

The case now goes into the discovery phase and that’s where all the evidence is going to be presented to ascertain the facts as listed in Kimberlin v. Walker et al. I can’t imagine what ace Hoge has up his sleeve at this point as it’s clear the only thing his lawyer has is the “because…Brett Kimberlin!” gambit which didn’t fly the last time they tried it.

As well as all the other times they tried it.

Mr. Hoge would like you to stop acting like a wombat now because it’s going to ruin his Baby Jesus narrative that he’s going to be sculpting his public image into over the coming days.

As if.

I’m not buying this Road to Damascus moment at all. There’s still the little matter of him giving his Flying Monkey Brigades the green light to stalk and harass me and my friends online. There’s still the little matter of the 353 criminal charges that he’s filed against my most excellent friend Bill Schmalfeldt for the high crime of mentioning Hoge on Twitter. There’s still the little matter of his threatening my other excellent friend Matt Osborne over at Osborne Ink with legal action for contacting Hoge to respectfully request he cease and desist his attacks on Bill Schmalfeldt.

Speaking of things Bill Schmalfeldt, I have some good news. The SA’s office sent an email to Bill requesting that he and Hoge enter into mediation.

bill and hoge mediate

Notice that it’s not “the dispute between you and the state of Maryland” but rather “the dispute between you and Mr. Hoge.” It looks like they’re not even going to try and entertain the idea of charging Bill with anything.

I predict certain embarrassing questions shall be asked of Hoge, such as “Why do you want to throw this wheelchair bound man with Parkinsons disease in jail?”, “How is this man a threat to you?”, “Why didn’t you just block him on Twitter?”, “Why do you feel the need to read everything he writes?”, and most importantly “Why did you try to follow him on Twitter after having got your peace order granted?”

He’s still a vexatious snake, our Hoge is. He hasn’t changed one damn bit. He still lashes out at anyone whom he doesn’t approve of talking to him. He’ll still use the legal system as a weapon against you.

The mockery continues…


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