Sanity Prevails (But The Mockery Will Continue)

As reported in a previous blog, my most excellent friend William Schmalfeldt was slated to sit across the negotiating table from W.J.J. Hoge to work out their differences in mediation.

Hoge, as reported here, had filed 366 criminal charges against Bill for violations of a peace order Hoge was granted against a little over six months ago for the high crime of Bill’s mentioning of Hoge’s name on Twitter. If convicted, Bill was looking at a very long prison stretch and ruinous fines.

I am happy to report tonight that Misters Hoge and Schmalfeldt have worked out their differences with this announcement made today on Hogewash!.

sanity prevailsFirst of all, I’d like to congratulate both Mr. Hoge and Mr. Schmalfeldt for agreeing to settle their differences in a way that was amicable to both parties. Hoge gets what he wants, Bill gets what he wants and everybody goes home happy.

Well, not everybody. Seems the Flying Monkey Brigades who have it in for Bill and anyone who supports Bill (myself included) have found themselves far too invested in his war with Hoge and now that the war has ended by mutual agreement, the Flying Monkey Brigades wish to perpetuate the hostilities by proffering a new conspiracy theory.

To wit:conspiracy theory begins

The story being shaped now is that this mediation between Bill and Hoge was actually a cover for an off-the-books judiciary hearing where a deal was  made that Bill agrees to testify against Brett Kimberlin and the entire proceedings of this deal sealed under a gag order neither party is allowed to talk about.

How did they reach this conclusion?

this is not confirmation

No, Mr. Scruggs (and I’m really offended that you, vile troll, take that man’s name being that I’m a consummate appreciator of all things Flatt and Scruggs) – the only chatter about this is coming from your camp. Furthermore, unless there is some coded Hogespeak that I and the rest of the planet aren’t privy to Hoge most certainly did not confirm there was any kind of a gag order placed on him and Bill has certainly saw fit to issue a denial.

But, hey – these intellectuals never let the truth stand in the way of some good ol’ fashioned tin-foil hattery.

As for myself, I don’t fall under this edict. When I started this blog I did so because of my own personal grievance with Hoge – namely the fact that he saw fit to have me and my friend green-lit for online stalking and harassment.

I didn’t start this blog as a vehicle to defend Bill. Bill doesn’t need me to defend him and he certainly proved that today. So, having said all that, there are but one of two conditions I would even deign to fold up my tent and go home.


1. Hoge makes both a public confession and apology to me and my friend Anthony Grace with an admonishment to the individual or individuals responsible for carrying out these acts in Hoge’s name.


2. Hoge is sued into oblivion by Brett Kimberlin and loses everything.

If the latter comes first, I may very well be continuing this blog well beyond that day. While I’m happy Bill and Hoge worked out their differences, Mr. Hoge still has yet to work out his with me.

The mockery continues…




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