Judge Sharon Burrell Doesn’t Share Your Pathological Hatred Of Brett Kimberlin

Her Honor, Judge Sharon Burrell. She’s smiling after having dined on several hapless souls who came into her courtroom thinking they were going to get one over on her.

It was indeed a dark day of reckoning in Montgomery County Circuit Court for Hoge and his associates as Judge Sharon Burrell rejected every last motion for dismissal brought by W.J.J. Hoge, Aaron Walker, Robert Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar and the anonymous shithead calling itself Kimberlin Unmasked.

Present in  Judge Burrell’s court were Hoge, Walker and McCain. Notably (but not surprisingly) absent was Ali Akbar  – who is currently ducking the process servers somewhere in Ft. Worth Lynchburg, Virginia.

So quick was Judge Burrell’s decision to dismiss that the proceedings started at 11:20 AM and it was over in time for lunch.

You needed a radar gun to clock it, it was so fast.

Hoge and his associates got a fondue going in their knickers when Judge Burrell denied Brett Kimberlin’s motion to consider the notably absent (in Lynchburg, VA) Ali Akbar properly served. The judge then zeroed in on an exhibit that Brett Kimberlin that had an X marked in the box on a receipt that wasn’t on a receipt Brett Kimberlin had entered into exhibit earlier.

Both McCain and Hoge on their respective blogs accused Brett Kimberlin today of forging that receipt, which is utter nonsense. Before they can spin this story, I’ll head it off at the pass: Judge Burrell simply denied Kimberlin’s motion and then politely instructed him to try serving Akbar again and make sure are your jots and tittles are in line next time.

As for the rest of it…it was a turkey shoot.

A motion by the sitting in his condo in Lynchburg Ali Akbar, represented by  F. Patrick Ostronic to argue for a dismissal of the complaint.


A motion by the anonymous shithead Kimberlin Unmasked, Mark Del Bianco representing also arguing for dismissal of the complaint.


A motion by R. Stacy McCain, also represented by F. Patrick Ostronic to argue for dismissal of the complaint.


A motion by Aaron Walker, also represented by F. Patrick Ostronic to argue dismissal of the complaint.


Finally, a motion by William John Joseph Hoge III also represented by F. Patrick Ostronic to argue that the complaint be dismissed.

One to the two to the two to the three, everybody come along and sing with me:


After these rapid fire rounds of denials, Judge Burrell then turned to the all important business of a motion to compel Google to turn over all identifying information about the e-mail account “casualnexus.george@gmail.com”, the same e-mail account listed as the creator and registrant of the original Kimberlin Unmasked website. This motion was granted with the provision that the order be held for one week pending interlocutory appeals.

Then suddenly, Judge Burrell remembered: you’re that guy Brett Kimberlin who was here last summer when Hoge/Walker/Akbar/McCain/Kimberlin Unmasked allegedly made the attempt to get Tetyana Kimberlin to commit perjury in her domestic case against her husband Brett and it was this point Del Bianco and Ostronic tried to introduce already-sealed evidence that was dismissed in that case into the proceedings.

That shit didn’t fly with Judge Burrell. “What business is it of yours regarding the Kimberlin’s marital dispute?” she asked both Del Bianco and Ostronic before ordering that the defendants shut their mouths about things that have been sealed.

And then she asked The Question:

“Why do you hate the plaintiff so much?”

Yes, boys, why DO you hate Brett Kimberlin so much? What did that man ever do to you personally? Kill your dogs? Screw your wives? Date your daughters without your permission?

On his blog “The Other McCain” (no, I won’t link to it) R. Stacy McCain wrote today:

“…it was nevertheless a stunning thing to hear Montgomery County Judge Sharon Burrell say that she was denying the motions to dismiss because “there is enough alleged here.” That is to say, merely by alleging that he is the victim of torts, Brett Kimberlin gets past the preliminary hurdles, and never mind that the plaintiff is notoriously — nay, infamously — dishonest.”

Yes, I have mentioned previously, he’s just SHOCKED! that his blog court strategy didn’t fly the way he thought it would – again.

But he’s also quite ignorant, or willfully stupid. And naive. I think writing for the Moonie Times has addled that boy’s wits. Doesn’t he know that at this stage of the civil proceeding the plaintiff gets to allege all he wants? We haven’t even got to the discovery part of the program yet, Bobby.

Here’s a shocker: Judge Burrell doesn’t share your pathological hatred of Brett Kimberlin. You’re gonna have to do better than “because…Brett Kimberlin!” if you think you’re going to rate a billet anywhere near this case.

I’ve said this before and I find that I must repeat myself once again: this is the United States of America and even Satan himself would get a fair trial on the merits of the case and not on who he is or what he’s done in the past.

Jaysus, Mary and Joseph I can’t take it anymore.

The mockery continues…

Oh yeah – like to give a big shout-out to Big Bill Schmalfeldt over at Patriot-Ombudsman (yes, I’ll gladly link to it). Pay that man a visit sometime, check out his online radio station and buy a T-Shirt.

Show him some love. Do it! NOW!


7 thoughts on “Judge Sharon Burrell Doesn’t Share Your Pathological Hatred Of Brett Kimberlin

  1. Mark in MD says:

    Self-delusional, self-righteous, blind to mirror imagery, supporting convicted felons and racists, all the while proclaiming a desire for justice and free speech. Any group that promotes such luminary figures as Felon Akbar and Racist Soused McCain is clearly on the correct side of any fight.

    They are a cartoon show waiting to happen.

    Seriously, man, I love this site. The mocking of Hoge is just so good.

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