Mr. Hoge Really Wants You To Stop Acting Like A Wombat

hoge calls for decorum again


Once again, we find Our Zero calling for the end of words not appointed for use on the Sabbath. 

Allow me to explain to you my dear readers – and to a lesser extent Mr. Hoge – why this will fly for all of about a month or two before he once again has to issue another edict on the same subject.

It’s his readers – a.k.a. The Lickspittles.

The Lickspittles are professional hate-mongers. They couldn’t go a day without something to hate and the reason they won’t abide by Hoge’s edict yet again is because Hoge allowed this sort of hate to fester on Hogewash! for so long that it became standard operational procedure.

“Yes, you heroin addicts have been allowed to do heroin for a long time but no more. Today you stop doing heroin. I will not tolerate your heroin use any longer. Yes, I’m serious about this. Yes, I’ve enabled your habit and let it bloom into full-on addiction. Yes, I profited off your need to fuel this addiction but so what? I don’t want to see any more heroin use around here. Got it?”

And much like our heroin addicts, The Lickspittles are also addicted. Addicted to hate.

For The Lickspittles, hate is what fuels them. Hate is their very existence. Hate is what gets them up and out of bed in the morning and their need to hate is so insatiable that they will go anywhere that provides their need to hate.

Like Hogewash!

Mr. Hoge, you’re an idiot. You have indulged your readers’ hate for so long that they know nothing else. Your hit counters are a direct result of this and without the hate your numbers would stagnate. Your edict again reminds me very much of a heroin dealer who, after profiting off everyone else’s misery and leaving behind addicts in your wake, suddenly developed a conscience.

Your readers (The Lickspittles) don’t know how to express themselves in ways other than vulgar and crude because they a) lack the education and intelligence and b) lack the social graces to be anything other than who they really are.

But, go ahead – issue another edict. I’ll be looking forward to the next one.

The mockery continues…






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