A Break From The Drought

hoge is making this up you know

Ah…Hoge spouts the old “you have a job because of a rich person” talking point.

It really must be a slow day at Hogewash!.

This might be true if, say, the rich person inherited their money and you’re working for them as their personal butler but if you’re like me (someone who works a steady 9-5 like 94% of the working adults in this country) your paycheck doesn’t come from the stuffing in the mattress of the company owner.

No, it does not – it comes from lots of other people like me who buy lots and lots of the products the company you work for sells.

Those guys in the suits are just the middlemen. You know – “supply and demand”.

Hoge has just gone and repeated something that is not only untrue, it’s insultingly untrue and it is the oft-repeated whacked-out bullshit the likes of Hannity, Beck, Limbaugh, etc who, from time to time, like to remind their listeners that “no poor person ever gave me a job”.

Those idiots are being paid by their advertisers who, in turn, make money by selling goods and services to a lot of those poor people.

Ergo: the cash they get paid bears the unmistakable prints of the lower classes and rich people most certainly do not make the world go ’round.

It takes everybody, whether you’re the head of a Fortune 500 or some guy schlepping it at WalMart or you run a small mom-and-pop liquor store on the corner.

Hoge seems to think that the rich are unfairly targeted and that they’re asked to put in more than everyone else. Well, everyone else on the planet also feels this way.

Welcome to the human race – where we all get the same raw deal.

Hillary is correct and The Mockery Continues…



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