Let’s See If Paul Krendler Has The Testicular Fortitude

Saw this today on Thinking Man’s Zombie, “Paul Krendler’s” blog (and, no, I won’t link to it):

krendler makes me laugh again

Well, let’s see….

I have used seven paragraphs, never got permission and more than 30 words and having committed such a flagrant violation of Krendler’s copy(yeah)right, I expect he (or Hoge) will drop the full weight of the courts on me for this.

To which I say: bring it on.

I’ll tell you why neither Hoge or Krendler will lift a finger. For starters, Hoge isn’t going to bother to come out to California. Oh, no sir – he’s not going to pay the airfare to come out here and sue me.

I am, however, entertaining the idea of moving to Maryland just so I can spot him a handicap.

As for Krendler, well…he’s a coward. No way in hell he’d give up his anonymity to sue me so I’m just going to go ahead and keep copying/pasting his blogs from now on for the simple fact that people (and not sockpuppets) have legal standing.

But I’ve been wrong before. Perhaps this will be the impetus Paul needs to sprout some sack and walk the fuckin’ plank.

The Mockery Continues…


4 thoughts on “Let’s See If Paul Krendler Has The Testicular Fortitude

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt says:

    No problem blatantly stealing a whole page of a book that is being registered with the US Copyright office, though. His daddy, the lying sack of shit, Hoge, is spurring him on.

    You know what would make me happy, Will? If you REPEATED EACH AND EVERY POST (with your own interspersed comments) ON A DAILY BASIS from Hoge AND Krendler. Let’s see how much sack they have taking on an able-bodied Californian instead of a guy from Maryland with Stage IV Parkinson’s.

    In fact, nothing would please me more than if EVERYBODY READING THIS copied in toto every word written by Hoge and Grady/Krendler on a daily basis.

    But I leave that to your good offices. I am going to retire from the battlefield and watch.

    Here’s my sword. Smite the enemy, Cleave them in twain.

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