Thar He Blows!

one trick hoge


Yet another restraining or peace order…

As I pointed out in a previous blog, this is Hoge’s only trick. He’s tried getting Bill arrested (failed), tried to sue Bill into destitution (also failed).

So it’s “Leave me alone…or I’ll yell Leave Me Alone again.”

The Mockery Continues…


2 thoughts on “Thar He Blows!

  1. haradanohime says:

    Funny I’ve been talking to Bill. Guess that means I’m a nobody?

    Hoge cannot stop. He tells Bill leave him alone, Bill does, he or one of his followers find some way to taunt him into reaction then cry “HARRASSMENT” running to the nearest court to press charges against him. As we’ve said all along, without Bill to torment and BK to defame, his readership plummets. So he has to bring it back into the light again and whip up those statistics!

    My only hope is that once Mr. Hoge goes on to the here-after (may it be long coming), he will be judged by the being he claims to follow for each of his misdeeds in this life. I’m sure Jesus will give him a stern talking to about the concept of “Love thy neighbor” and “Thou shalt not covet..” as well as many other Christian teachings at which he seems to be failing.

  2. #0 (@WhoIsNumberNone) says:

    Hoggy is not a man.

    He is a coward. He talks loads of shit on the Hoggyblog, where he can squash any and all dissent, while publishing the IP addresses of those who criticize him. Meanwhile he doesn’t have the balls to respond when challenged in public forums such as Twitter. No wonder he goes whining to the courts so much. He strikes me as the type who was an egregious tattletale in school. You know- the kind who went running to tell teacher when one of the other kids said “ass”. And not just in kindergarten either- I’ll bet he was still doing it in 5th grade.

    Sorry Hoggy, but your proclamations from on high count for nothing except to the chimps who re-fling your shit. You’re like the heavyweight champion of a boxing federation whose only member is you. And you deny all comers a shot at your title. You are nothing, you wrinkled old fuck.

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