Hoge Lies And Surprise Does Not Ensue

From today’s Hogewash!:

hoge is lying

I realize calling someone a liar is a strong and quite serious accusation to level at someone so all I have to do to prove the accusation is correct by providing at least one instance that counters his claim.

Here you go:

dread pedo proof

Hoge hasn’t called Brett Kimberlin a pedophile? Bullshit!

The mockery continues…


EDIT: This piece of evidence countering Hoge’s lie was posted in August of 2013 on Hogewash!. A cursory inspection of Hoge’s site reveals that he has called Brett Kimberlin a pedophile no less than five times.


2 thoughts on “Hoge Lies And Surprise Does Not Ensue

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt says:
    1. wilsb8 says:

      Oh, those five were just a cursory “quick glance” after typing “Pedo” in the Hogewash search bar.

      It wasn’t necessary for me to trot them all out – all I needed was one to prove Hoge is a liar.

      But we’ve known for some time now he’s a liar.

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