Sue Me

Apparently the mockery has gotten to Hoge. From the newly updated Terms of Service at Hogewash!…

Hogewash’s Copyright Blacklist


Yes, readers, Yours Truly has been denied permission to reprint, re-post or reproduce anything from Hogewash lest I be slapped with copyright infringement.

Except, of course, I just did – and what I’ve done doesn’t rise to level of infringement.

In order for this to be copyright infringement, I would have had to have taken something of Hoge’s from Hogewash, tried to pass it off as my own work and believe me when I tell you that it would physically damage my brain to be that unimaginative and uncreative as to steal a work from Hoge and try to claim it as mine.

I simply couldn’t lower my higher brain functions to the level of a garden slug as there isn’t enough Jack Daniels in all of Tennessee to make that happen.

Secondly, I have given attribution to Hoge and Hogewash! There is no mistake that the reproduction above is his but what I will refuse to do is link to his website.

Why? I don’t have to.

Third, and most importantly – two words: Fair Use.

Two more: trans formative and criticism.

So now that I have “violated” the Hogewash! Terms of Service (the one he thinks supersedes the established laws and legal norms of this country) I fully expect Hoge is going to sue me.

Fine. Sue me. I’d love to hear your legal reasoning on how it is I can’t report what you print on your blog. I would love to also hear your reasoning on how I (or any other media for that matter) can’t quote, reproduce, or inform on anything you say in public.

Feel free to come to California and file your lawsuit against me.

The mockery (always and forever more) continues…

EDIT: It has been suggested that I am a bit slow in realizing that Hoge changed his ToS.

On the contrary…


I knew about it the day it happened.



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