Ali Akbar Has You To Thank For It, Westminster Rose

hoge takes the stand

I’ve had a hectic schedule as of late – a very hectic schedule, one that has precluded me from blogging in a timely manner to such an extent that I am now just hearing that Ali Akbar (who has consistently attempting to duck the process servers in Brett Kimberlin’s state and federal lawsuits against him and Hoge) has failed in his motion to get the suit against him dismissed on the grounds that the state of Maryland lacks jurisdiction over him.

But – thanks to the testimony of one William John Joseph Hoge III – all doubt on the issue of personal jurisdiction the state of Maryland really has on Ali Akbar was swept away.

I haven’t been blogging much about Hoge lately because he’s been spending an inordinate amount of time blogging about the other defendants in the dual state and federal lawsuits brought before the courts by Brett Kimberlin in a typical Hoge ploy to distract his cult from his own numerous court failures so it comes as some relief he’s finally given me something to mock him about.

I’ll just come right to the point, shall I? Hoge’s testimony about Ali Akbar convinced Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Audrey A. Creighton to reject Akbar’s motion for dismissal from Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit.

That’s right – Hoge’s testimony sealed Ali Akbar’s fate by establishing that Akbar had a very strong connection to the state of Maryland and thus solidifying the state’s jurisdiction over him.

I can’t fault Hoge for telling the truth on the stand. After all, that’s what you’re supposed to do.

For his own part, Hoge offered this:

Aside: On cross examination, my lawyer asked why our defense fund was named Bomber Sues Bloggers. TDPK immediately objected, and the vehemence of his objection made my lawyer’s point better than my answer might have.

He does have such a flair for dramatic license, our Hoge, but the point of this is that Hoge’s lawyer – one F. Patrick Ostronic – tried once again to bring up Kimberlin’s past in an attempt to prejudice the court and was slapped down for it.

You know…the old “Because…Brett Kimberlin!” defense.

Once again I remind William John Joseph Hoge III, AKA “Westminster Rose“, that in the United States of America a case before the courts must be argued on terms of relevancy and when you are currently being sued for defamation and libel, trying to convince a court that you have every right to libel and defame someone because of something that happened 40 years ago that didn’t involve you personally is a non-starter.

The mockery continues…



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