The Military Impostor Will Sue You For Printing His Name

Paul Lemmen

Everyone, this is Paul Lemmen – member of Team Lickspittle, friend of Hogewash and (as an eight year Navy veteran myself) at the top of my shit list.

Mr. Lemmen is a military impostor and convicted criminal, specializing in fraud. To some, Lemmen claimed to have been an intelligence officer in the Irish Republican Army before coming to the United States. Later, he changed his story to having joined the United States Air Force in 1972 and serving with the 41st Air Rescue and Recovery Squadron in Saigon for six months in 1974. Other service claims include spending 1980-1988 as an intelligence agent in an AFSOC unit, including an assignment in Beirut in 1983. According to his own accounts in 2003, he was promoted to Brigadier General and retired in 2005.

None of this is true. It also affirms what I’ve already said many times in this blog that, in Hoge’s eyes, it doesn’t matter what you’ve done so long as you have the right politics.

One of the things that Hoge and Team Lickspittle like to hit Brett Kimberlin over the head with repeatedly is the fact that Brett Kimberlin himself engaged in some impostery by forging Department of Defense and Presidential Seal credentials – both Lemmen and Kimberlin having been convicted of their specific deeds.

Yet they’re all strangely silent over at Hogewash about Paul Lemmen.

Indeed, Paul Lemmen once had the audacity to show up to a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery for the burial of Army MSG Tony Yost (who had been killed in action in Iraq) wearing the uniform of a brigadier general.

Yet, Hogewash doesn’t shun Lemmen the way they shun Kimberlin.

Another one of the thing Hoge and his cult parrot repeatedly and often is how much of recidivist Kimberlin is and how he should go back to prison. Recidivist, eh? Going back as far as 1985, Lemmen had a criminal past that turned up in an investigation when the hammer finally came down on him.

  • 3 counts of Grand Theft ($300 – $20,000) – Felony – Florida, 1985
  • 1 count Fugitive – Wanted in Other Jurisdiction – Florida, 1989
  • 1 count of Grand Theft ($300 – $20,000) – Felony – Florida, 1990
  • 1 count of Obtaining Property in Return for Worthless Check – Florida, 1996
  • 1 count of Passing Worthless Check – Misdemeanor – Florida, 2000
  • 1 count of Failure to Appear on 3 counts of Obtaining Property in Return for Worthless Check – Florida, 2000
  • Arrested by Army CID, Iraq on suspicion of impersonating a general officer and suspicion of embezzlement scam regarding a DoD vendor.

Yet…silence at Hogewash.

An investigation by the US Secret Service in 2006, related to various financial transactions Lemmen carried out, including the deposit of “some multi-million dollar checks which he (Lemmen) had deposited in two financial institutions from the Bank of Kuwait. He (Lemmen) admitted to the agents that the checks were fraudulent and that he was supposed to get ten percent of the proceeds from an individual he named.”

Unlike Kimberlin, whose crimes occurred nearly 40 years ago, Lemmen was busted in 2007 for which he received 41 months in federal prison and is currently on parole.


Yes, I can already hear the cries of “Paul Lemmen never bombed anyone!” and that would be correct as Paul Lemmen has never planted a bomb but there’s an implication behind that statement and that implication is so long as Paul Lemmen has the kind of politics they like over at Hogewash then Paul Lemmen gets a pass for his prior criminal activities.

I’m pretty sure that Paul Lemmen would still be a member in good standing of Team Lickspittle if indeed he had set bombs off in an attempt to distract the authorities from investigating him, even if one of those bombs maimed someone who would later take their own life.

Finally, Hoge and Team Lickspittle constantly bleat about Brett Kimberlin’s use of “lawfare” and yet Paul Lemmen does the same thing by threatening to sue my Most Excellent Friend Bill Schmalfeldt for printing Lemmen’s name in any book Bill decides to write.

Well, Paul, I have printed your name several times in this blog and I’m planning to write a book in the near future where your name is going to figure prominently.

Go ahead and sue me, you lying weasel.

As an aside, Paul Lemmen reports that he is currently in hospice awaiting his demise. Gee…when my grandmother was in hospice she couldn’t move, speak or let alone use the internet.

Pretty spry for a dying guy, wouldn’t you say?

The mockery continues…



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