Yet Brett Kimberlin Is Still Walking Around Free And Not Sanctioned

dont use that with me


Brett Kimberlin got a stern talking to in a Maryland State Court today from the judge who told him in no uncertain terms to make sure his documents were all in order lest he be fined (but couldn’t be because the judge in this hearing lacked the statutory authority to do so.)

Yet, amazingly, Brett Kimberlin is a still a free man and hasn’t been fined so much as one red cent.

This is what passes for “portents of doom for Brett Kimberlin” over at Hogewash!.

Yeah, Brett Kimberlin is gonna get his and soon, you betcha! 20 or 30 more screw-ups like this and its the klink for him! The hammer is gonna fall, just you wait and see!

Oh, Hoge and Lickspittles…nothing has changed. Hoge is still going to get sued (badly) along with certain of his compatriots (read: accessories and also badly) and the case is still going forward.

And for all his prognostications, Hoge is wrong again – Brett Kimberlin is still victorious.

And the mockery still continues…


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