Hoge Haz A Sad Now

hoge haz a sad


Ah delicious, yummy schadenfreude!

There is no joy in Hogewash! tonight as Mr. Hoge has (once again) filed yet his 367th bogus criminal charge against my Most Excellent Friend Bill Schmalfeldt and – as predicted – this 367th bogus criminal charge was declined for prosecution (nolle prosequi) by the State’s Attorney’s office of Maryland, Howard County.

It’s clear, even to the dimmest bulb on the Christmas lights, that Carroll county has told Hoge that they are not interested in entertaining the idea of sending a 59 year old man with Parkinson’s Disease to prison so he decided to try his hand in Howard County – the same county where, once butthurt before, he raised a stink by having Everyone Blog About The Howard County State’s Attorney’s Day (Google it, because I’m not linking to it).

Yes, they were just soooo eager to help Hoge after that debacle.

The mockery continues…






2 thoughts on “Hoge Haz A Sad Now

  1. Mark in MD says:

    Aren’t paranoia, the perception of invisible threats and conspiracies, filing bogus charges all signs of the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s? Seriously, I’m not making light of Hoge’s dying brain. If he is deemed to be deteriorating, wouldn’t he be seen as a threat to himself and community? This is a man who owns guns. Mental illness and guns are not a good combo.

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