A Grave Situation Indeed

a grave situation


Literally, Hoge, you have nothing to say because I’m right and you know it.

Once again, ladies and gentlemen, Our Zero Hoge has filed his 367th criminal charge against My Most Excellent Friend Bill Schmalfeldt – as if he didn’t learn the first 366 times he’s done this and lost.

Yes, he’s lost in all 366 attempts to get Bill thrown in jail for the high crime of mentioning his @ name on Twitter and every single time I have predicted correctly that these charges would go absolutely nowhere.

And they haven’t.

What Hoge doesn’t seem to understand is that the state of Maryland is not interested in throwing a 59 year old man with Parkinson’s Disease in jail.

This time, Bill hasn’t violated the peace order issued against him. Bill has not contacted, attempted to contact, call, show up at the residence of or done anything to harass Hoge in any way.

In fact, the only thing Bill has done is ask the State’s Attorney’s office to investigate possible perjury charges against Hoge.

Ah…there it is.

You see, in Hoge’s world Hoge does nothing wrong. He’s the aggrieved party in every situation.

Like he doesn’t green light people he doesn’t like for online harassment and death threats.

Yes, Hoge, you have figuratively dug your own grave this time. What exactly did you think that mediation was all about if not to just get you and Bill to settle your differences so they could spare you the anguish of having to tell you that all your criminal charges against him are going to be dropped?

And now Hoge proposes to go back to that well again.

I’m going to make yet another prediction in which I will be correct, Hoge: you’re going to lose and this time it’s going to cost you dearly as you’ve cried “wolf” for the last time.

The mockery continues…




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