Hoge Says I’m Gonna Be Brought To Justice

no shit he doesn't like you

Well, no shit Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t like you. You’ve only filed 366 criminal charges against him for the high crime of mentioning you on Twitter in an attempt to throw him in jail.

So you want the other members of your delusional Team Kimberlin theory brought to justice? For what?

Oh, that’s right Hoge, I forgot – I and the rest of “Team Kimberlin” are guilty of talking back to you.

In case you out there in blogland haven’t figured it out by now W.J.J. Hoge III of Westminster, MD is an intolerant, thin-skinned, delusional and paranoid nincompoop who sees enemies lurking in every darkened corner and anyone who dares contradict him deserves his full wrath.

Including getting his enemies arrested and thrown in jail.

I, for one, would love to hear what it is Hoge thinks I and the rest of “Team Kimberlin” are going to be charged with precisely but we all know he won’t spell out what it is he thinks we’re all going to be brought to justice for. This is yet another empty, hollow threat of Hoge’s that has zero teeth and even less credibility.

Sue me? Why…that’s a delightful idea! Please do and we can add this to the numerous lawsuits you have brought before the courts and lost.

The mockery continues…


2 thoughts on “Hoge Says I’m Gonna Be Brought To Justice

  1. Bill Schmalfeldt (@ParkyBillTweets) says:

    As this past year has progressed, I’ve noticed two things. My Parkinson’s disease has worsened exponentially to the increase in Hoge’s megalomania. His followers dwindle, but they become more vociferous, crazed and potentially violent. Something is going to come to a head, and yea soon!

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