Hoge Is The New Criswell



My apologies for not keeping up on this blog as much as I should as certain aspects of my life outside of blogging are preoccupying most of my spare time.

For one, I’m doing recording and production work for a recording artist in my other life as a recording engineer, producer and session player.  That’s a lot of work to put in but it’s well worth it in the end.

Then there’s this: the sheer volume of failed predictions Kim Jong Hoge has been issuing lately that have been so far hard to keep up with.


Like today when word came down that a certain show cause order on a copyright complaint Brett Kimberlin filed against the anonymous shithead known as Kimberlin Unmasked (now Lynn Thomas and her father Peter) was granted.

The very same show cause order Dear LiederHoge had predicted Brett Kimberlin would lose and be subject to all kinds of sanctions.

Hey, Hoge? Don’t quit your day job.

The mockery continues…




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