All Your Base Are Belong To Us

hoge says something stupid

This has to be the nightmare scenario Hoge and certain of his associates never wanted to contemplate.

On February 21st, 2014, Ali Akbar (a man whom I describe as the ringleader in the attacks on Brett Kimberlin) lost control of the National Bloggers Club business licence after a year of delinquency though the state of Texas tried several times to contact him about this matter.

Such is life when you don’t update your address in an effort to duck the process servers in the civil RICO case you are currently embroiled in.

For the uninitiated, the National Bloggers Club was created for one purpose: to get Brett Kimberlin and you’ll never guess who now owns the name.

Yes, Brett Kimberlin and Ali Akbar let him take it.

You read it right – the man for whom the National Bloggers Club was created now owns the name National Bloggers Club.

Oh…did I mention that, like Brett Kimberlin, Ali Akbar is himself a convicted felon? Unlike Brett Kimberlin, however, Ali’s got the right kind of politics (read: conservative) so whatever he’s done is forgivable while Brett Kimberlin’s politics (read: liberal) aren’t.

The mockery continues…


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