Here Is What Hoge Is Not Telling You Today

Today on Hogewash, Hoge reports on a ruling from Judge Grimm that Brett Kimberlin has to show cause for an accusation by the blog Twitchy that he altered summonses or face sanctions.

For once, Hoge is not talking about himself and there’s a good reason for that. The word just came down from Judge Grimm concerning Hoge’s filings and, as I have repeatedly predicted here, it turns out Hoge is a big, fat…



Hoge’s Motion for Amended Report of Status of Service has been denied.

Hoge’s motion to dismiss Unserved Defendants has been denied.

In fact, Judge Grimm did not have anything nice to say to Hoge at all when it was obvious all along that Hoge (and Walker) were pissing off the judge by telling him how to do his job.

“Hoge’s Status Motion, the Duplicate Motion, and Walker’s Motion to Strike all seek, in essence, for me to micromanage the conduct of the parties of this case and to address certain of Plaintiff’s disputes with Hoge and Walker on an expedited basis. … Unfortunately for Hoge, he lacks standing to object to service on anyone but himself.”

That’s right, readers – for all his bluster, for all his grandiosity, for all his hubris Hoge’s sooper lawyerin’ has failed – again.

Which one of us is the Acme Law graduate again, Hoge?

Far be it for me to say…oh, the hell with it – I’m going to say it:

We told you so.

I have several times on this blog pointed out that it’s not a good idea to piss off the judge who has the power to take all your worldly possessions from you and give them to Brett Kimberlin, Hoge, but you didn’t listen so now you get to go through your day and indeed the rest of your days with this one thought on your mind:

William A. Ferguson was right.

The mockery continues…



2 thoughts on “Here Is What Hoge Is Not Telling You Today

  1. haradanohime says:

    Oh but there’s a slight chance that Brett MIGHT be sanctioned or fined. So that means Hoge is winning! Yeah right. Lying by omission is still lying. Hoge, Walker, McCain, etc. seem to be continually lying to their readers who believe them.

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