Certain Restrictions And Conditions Apply

Hoge just has to go out of his way to prove me wrong.

a bit like being pregnant per se

There’s a world of difference between “You’ve been banned from Hogewash!” and “You’ve been banned from making derogatory comments on Hogewash!” that Hoge and the peanut gallery of Team Lickspittle doesn’t seem to grasp but that doesn’t surprise me in the least as nuance was never Hoge’s or any of his reader’s strong suit to begin with.

I just love the opening line:

Hogewash! has not banned anyone for making derogatory comments per se.


“Yes, Mr. Jones, your daughter and I didn’t bother using any protection when we had sex, but don’t worry – she’s not pregnant per se.

“The perpetrator was convicted and sentenced for the string of heinous crimes he committed but he’s not going to spend a very long time in prison per se.”

“The 9/11 hijackers didn’t crash passenger planes into buildings per se.

And so on.

False comments stated as facts are off limits.

Unless it’s Hoge making them, then it’s perfectly acceptable and boy howdy does Hoge ever put the icing on the cake with this gem:

However, comments that are merely derogatory—whether they’re about Barack Obama, Bill Schmalfeldt, or me—will not be censored for that reason alone.

There’s also the part where you’re an enemy of Hoge’s that gets taken into consideration and that happens the moment you say anything derogatory about Hoge, which is something none of his readers would ever dare.

This statement makes me laugh out loud for many reasons, the biggest being is that Hoge is an avid censor of anything that doesn’t jive with his narrative.

Hogewash! is the North Korea of blogs and Hoge is its Dear Leader.

Don’t believe me? Go over to Hogewash! right now and post a comment that contradicts anything he says and I guarantee you that it will never see the light of day. If it’s particularly egregious, he’ll post it in the next blog along with your IP address and email.

Yeah, he’s such the free speech champion up until its speech that he doesn’t agree with.

And finally…

VOSF might be more successful if he were to mind his own business.

But, Hoge…you are my business. You certainly saw to that when you green-lit me and my friend Anthony Grace for harassment and death threats.

Touched a nerve, did I?

The mockery continues…




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