By All Means, Do Explain It To Me

a reader chimes in

Actually, A Reader, we very much care about court rules, procedures and the truth.

For example, the court has ruled that Brett Kimberlin met the 5-part Brodie test for defamation. The court has also ruled that Hoge and associates motions aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on and have summarily been denied.

The truth is that it’s not looking too good for Hoge and associates.

Evil, say you? I would chalk Hoge’s behavior as one of cowardice. How else would you describe a man who feels threatened by an @ mention on Twitter?

So what exactly do you think you’re going to explain to us? Morality?

Are you really sure you want to go there?

Please, A Reader – don’t strain yourself too hard with self control. I, for one, would love to hear your explanation.

And one more thing:

earl scruggs doesn't know what he's talking aboutA number of motions denied, Earl? Try only one motion denied – the motion to have Ali Akbar considered to be properly served by the court.

The mockery continues…


2 thoughts on “By All Means, Do Explain It To Me

  1. haradanohime says:

    Wow. How’d I get pulled into all this? I’ve never claimed to be anything more than normal person following what’s going on. In fact I’ve not commented on any of this in quite some time. I guess my “crime” is I don’t agree with them!

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