But When It Happens To You It’s Not Okay?

Looks like certain of Team Lickspittle got a taste of Hoge’s medicine today and they’re not liking it one bit.

you have got to be fucking kidding me

But it was okay for Hoge to do the same thing to me,  EPWJ and yet you cheered right along with the rest of them.

Yeah, never mind that after it was done I and my friend Anthony Grace were subject to endless death threats for which you never condemned Hoge for publishing my IP and email address.

But when it happens to YOU – well, suddenly, this is an item that should make the front page of the paper!

First of all, Bill did nothing of the sort. Produce the evidence to the contrary and I’ll gladly print a retraction but it will be a cold day in Hell before you bring the proof.

My response to your sudden crying of foul is the same response I got when I reported what was happening to my friend and I: you are making it all up.

You’re not getting any profanity laced-emails. You’re not getting any death-threats. Nobody’s calling you names.

Go pound sand.

The mockery continues…


I have since sent this response. Hoge will not dare allow it to show up in his comment section because…free speech.

spank my ass and call me sally


Yup…he rejected it. And I claim my $10.


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