You Positively Reek Of Desperation

Just found this in my Spam box moments ago:

anonymous troll gotta anonymous troll


Well, stop the presses! Looks like we have the silver bullet that will save Hoge and associates from the imminent cleaning of their clocks in court.

At least they’re not sending me death threats anymore.

Really, Anonymous Person, who gives a shit? Where I’m from you have to prove things and it doesn’t matter what you say – produce the girl and the illegitimate child of Brett Kimberlin and we’re good.

But you won’t because you can’t. This person doesn’t exist.

The mockery continues…



2 thoughts on “You Positively Reek Of Desperation

  1. lordofsatire2013 says:

    These “people” are hilarious. If they actually had what they say they have, they would keep it silent and spring it at an opportune time. You are getting the same troll spam I’ve been getting for over a year now. Welcome to the big leagues. 🙂

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