Robert Stacy McCain Can’t Remember Where He Lives (Or How To Spell)

rsm motion
A copy of Robert Stacy McCain’s motion to dismiss, highlights of spelling errors and wrong address by Bill Schmalfeldt (courtesy of Patriot-Ombudsman).

I’ve been sitting here staring at this motion for the last 45 minutes trying to work something out. How is it that a man suddenly doesn’t remember where he lives having lived there for god knows how long?

Ok, Bobby…you live at 294 Burnside Drive in Falling Waters, West Virginia 25419. Got it?

McCain, along with Hoge, have been making much hay about Brett Kimberlin redacting his own address and here we have Bobby giving the courts a false address in a town that doesn’t exist.

And what’s a Motion To “Dosmiss?” Really, Bobby – you’re supposed to be a journalist. You know…you write words and stuff. I would think spelling was in your wheelhouse.

Didn’t the Big Red Line under the word Dosmiss light up on your Microsoft Word? Did you turn off your spell checker or did you just not see it?

At any rate. When Bill Schmalfeldt over at Patriot-Ombudsman pointed out this little inconsistency, McCain went into characteristic full-on meltdown mode, apropos of nothing.

mccain on bill schmalfeldt

It would seem that Bobby’s defense consists of “me, too”.

Yes, Bobby, why bother to mount your own defense when you can mooch off other attorneys whom the other defendants shelled out the big bucks for? How very John Galt of you to go it alone pro se and yet you ride everybody else’s coattails.

Now, Bobby, when the judge denies all their motions (yours included) what’s your next move? Are you going to say “me, too”?

The mockery continues…


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