I Would Just Get Out Of The Prognostication Business Altogether

Hoge is once again accusing Brett Kimberlin of forgery.

hoge will see how the judge rules

It’s a touchstone for Hoge, this forgery business. After all, Brett Kimberlin did forge some documents once so it stands to reason that Brett Kimberiln is just falling back on an old saw routine.

Forgers gonna forge, right?

Except Hoge has accused Brett Kimberlin of this many times before and has always come away wrong when the judge rules in Brett Kimberlin’s favor.

There’s one of two possibilities happening here: either Brett Kimberlin’s forgery techniques are so good that only Hoge can’t be fooled by them or Brett Kimberlin isn’t forging anything at all.

If I were Hoge, I’d just get out of the prognostication business altogether with a track record like his because I already know how the judge is going to rule and it’s the same way the judge has always ruled – that is to say against you, Hoge.

The mockery continues…


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