Why Does A Rat Desert A Sinking Ship?

mccain scrubbed
Courtesy of Bill Schmalfeldt, Patriot-Ombudsman.

My most excellent friend Bill Schmalfeldt over at Patriot-Ombudsman is reporting tonight that Robert Stacy McCain’s articles on Brett Kimberlin have been scrubbed from the American Spectator website.

The Patriot-Ombudsman was notified by a source close to the Kimberlin lawsuit that the American Spectator — an online magazine with an editorial policy more in line with the Tea Party than with mainstream GOP thought — had stripped McCain’s posts about Kimberlin.

Clicking links on Google now lead to the front page of news stories on the Spectator.

Clicking specific links will take you to a “Page Not Found” page.

Robert Stacy McCain is one of several defendants named in the Kimberlin v. Walker et al civil RICO suit filed by Brett Kimberlin last year.

The handwriting on the wall is plain as day, folks – American Spectator knows a sinking ship when they see one and they’re not about to take one for Bobby.

The party’s over, the lights have gone out and the last one standing will be holding the check.

The mockery continues…


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