I Troll Because I’m Unhappy And I’m Unhappy Because I Troll

My favorite troll Despicable Bill seems to be having a crisis.

sweet meltdown

Well, maybe not. Let’s see…

sweet meltdown 2

Yeah, he’s definitely having a crisis of sorts.

Poor Despicable Bill. With the exception of the hang-arounds like Anthony and Jeremy Kinsey, Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t seem to be taking the troll bait.

In fact, Hoge isn’t taking his calls anymore.

Such a sad life for the lone troll – nobody wants to play in the troll games with him so there he is just blabbing away to nobody because it’s obvious, even to the most casual observer, that Bill Schmalfeldt has long since blocked him.

He’s already blocked me after having asked who this was, or he’s not talking to me anymore:

helmet head

Is this someone you know, D.B.? Someone important? Someone, say, like your boss?

This must be something along the the lines of his “losing his job” he alluded to me earlier in the week and that makes sense – if my boss knew I was doing some anonymous trolling I’d probably be worried that I’d piss off all the wrong people, have my identity revealed and have it get back to my boss, too.

That’s the problem with being an anonymous troll – you are, by definition, a coward whose too afraid to own your words and stand by them yourself and of course you live in a perpetual state of fear while at the same time getting high off the rush of being an anonymous troll.

It’s a vicious circle, folks.

The best remedy for dealing with an anonymous troll is to out them. It did wonders for Aaron Walker when he decided he was going to piss off every Muslim on the planet by starting an Everybody Draw Mohammed website.

For those of you not in the know, Islam considers any depiction of the prophet Mohammed (peace be unto him) a graven image and blasphemous. You just don’t decide you’re going to draw Mohammed and if you do you should, at least, be a man about it and use your real name like Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist who drew Mohammed and got a psychotic Somali axe-wielding Muslim to barge into his house and nearly kill him over it.

While I think deliberately pissing off and offending people to the point where they’ll murder you is a dumb idea – especially a group of people known for their violent reprisals – I respect Kurt for taking ownership for his work. That’s a very brave thing to do to take a stand like that for free speech and expression.

You know…the opposite of Aaron Walker.

The mockery continues…


2 thoughts on “I Troll Because I’m Unhappy And I’m Unhappy Because I Troll

  1. lordofsatire2013 says:

    He’s such a lonely, NEEDY little troll. When I opened a second Twitter account to promote my Gilbert & Sullivan LIVE365 channel, he was right there. I had to block him. Imagine sitting around all day, tweeting the hate from behind your eyes. It has to be some organic disease, because I have done NOTHING to this person.

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