Because…Brett Kimberlin!

hoge summons the past

Right, because this is totally relevant to what’s happening to Hoge today.

This is Hoge’s stock-in-trade to nitpick on things that happened in the past and things for which Brett Kimberlin is definitely not suing him for.

Hoge goes on:

hoge opens the floor for mockery

Well, score one for Hoge.

He’s right – a felony conviction does not confer unto the felon a status of being someone with a disability while they are a convicted felon. Brett Kimberlin was in error to bring that up.

So what? Again, I have to wonder what this has to do with the price of wine in France.

If Hoge is seriously trying to paint Brett Kimberlin out to be incompetent in conducting his legal challenge pro se on something that happened four years ago then it’s fair of me to point that Hoge is far more incompetent than Brett Kimberlin today.

Hoge is losing at every turn against Brett Kimberlin – and losing badly.

Hoge argues that because of his past, Brett Kimberlin is a public figure who has no right to sue for libel and that he is, by extension, defamation proof.

hoge argument is full of holes

Unfortunately, neither judges in both the state and federal ends of this case agree with Hoge.

Yes, Brett Kimberlin is a public figure and yes as a public figure he is held to a higher standard of bringing a defamation case before the courts but Brett Kimberlin has met all the prerequisites as a public figure bringing a defamation suit before the court.

How do I know this? Both the state and federal cases Brett Kimberlin are still going on. It may come as a shock to Hoge but the courts had to establish merit in the cases brought against him by Brett Kimberlin long before the case was allowed to proceed.

Hoge also claims that he’s being sued for telling the truth about Brett Kimberlin. I would like to point out that in this blog, I have told the truth about Brett Kimberlin and yet, somehow, I am not being sued for libel and defamation.

Now I wonder how Hoge will account for this discrepancy?

On a somewhat unrelated matter, there’s this Twitter troll who is not happy with the recent mediation settlement between Bill Schmalfeldt and Hoge. So unhappy, in fact, that he/she is peddling a story that the mediation was in fact a clandestine hearing in which a gag order was issued to both parties and that Bill Schmalfeldt has agreed to testify against Brett Kimberlin.

What. Utter. Nonsense.

Meet Despicable Bill, a nasty little troll who likes to take all of Bill’s discarded Twitter handles and troll him.

conspiracy theory begins

I just have one question for this person, one that I have been asking since yesterday and have yet to receive an answer to:

helmet head

Whose helmet hair is this? Enquiring minds would like to know.

The mockery continues…


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