It Ain’t Paranoia If Topsy (Or Some Hacker) Really Is Out To Get You

hoge claims hackeryHackery, say you?

Yes, Hoge, it’s just one grand conspiracy brought to you by Brett Kimberlin that a website that does analytics for Twitter would be hacked just to make you look bad. This was all planned from the start from our secret base located directly under your house (this being the last place you’d ever look).

Or maybe we simply apply Occam’s Razor to this and say that these tweets were pulled off your timeline?

Nah…that’d be too simple an explanation because we all know what manner of sorcery the Dark Lord Kimberlin is capable of.

See, where I’m from you have to prove things. What Hoge has proven thus far is that he really doesn’t understand those series of tubes, the interwebs or the Twitters for that matter and when it’s something he doesn’t understand, he reverts to atavistic type by decrying “sorcery!”

I’m reminded of the words of Arthur C. Clarke:

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Perhaps Hoge is claiming the internet technology is too advanced for him to understand.

The mockery continues..


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