The Worst Case Scenario

Over at Hogewash…

the madness of king hoge_1Except it clearly says “Notice Left”, which means the postman tried to deliver this mail to you (as you had to sign for it), you didn’t answer the door and they left you a nice note directing you to come to the post office to pick it up.

That it is now marked “Undeliverable as Addressed” in this context means you haven’t picked it up yet.

Well, okay…it could very well be that Hoge never got that notice. The USPS has a reported 96% delivery rate. That means that out of 10 pieces of mail, 9.6 of them arrive on time and where they’re supposed to be while the other 4% gets lost in the shuffle for various reasons including insufficient postage, no such address, etc.

Out of 300 million people in this country, 12 million don’t get their mail and for an organization that delivers to everybody in the United States, that’s not bad. After all, we’re only human and we do make mistakes.

Nobody’s perfect.

Could it be that Brett Kimberlin simply listed the wrong address on the mail he sent to Hoge? Not likely. After all, the USPS says they left Hoge notice that they tried to deliver the mail and he wasn’t there to sign for it.

Is USPS involved in a conspiracy with Brett Kimberlin to keep Hoge from getting his mail in a timely manner? Could be…but you’d really have to walk a fair country mile to prove it.

Is USPS lying when they said they left notice? Mmm…I do subscribe to the theory that there are varying degrees of incompetence and malfeasance in any organization but I’ve never known the USPS to lie about delivering mail – it’s kind of what they do. Certain of their postal carriers, perhaps, but that’s not a reflection on the entirety of the USPS.

In fact, they’re quite proud of what they do so I can safely rule out they’re lying.

Is Hoge lying? Well, that would be the simplest explanation but I can’t make that allegation unless I have concrete evidence that he is.

So far the evidence I have does seem to point circumstantially in that direction.

So we’re left with a bit of a quandary. Assuming what Hoge says is correct, then I would advise him not to worry – in time this too shall pass and that the worst case scenario will be for the judge to order Brett Kimberlin to try again.

You’ll be getting your notice (and your day in court) soon enough.

The mockery continues…


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