Emperor Hoge Is Not Amused

hardest hit

I’m starting to wonder if Mr. Hoge is running a parody site because I fail to see how this ruling would affect me as I have never once told a lie about him.

I don’t have to lie about Hoge. He’s been very generous in providing me endless material that I can report on here.

Responsible for my words? Sure, I take full responsibility for everything I say here. Not a problem. I have not, to date, libelled or defamed Mr. Hoge in any way.

I haven’t called him a terrorist or a pedophile. In fact, on the whole (given what he saw fit to do to me) I think I’ve been pretty civil about it all so far and, as far I know, I’m not the one being sued for libel and defamation.

In fact, I’m not being sued for libel and defamation. But that’s not to say if Mr. Hoge thinks I am libelling and defaming him, he’s welcome to bring a lawsuit against me which I predict will yield the same results as his current defense against Brett Kimberlin.

I also predict it will be tossed out of court. In fact, I know it will be.

It’s called free speech. I can have an opinion of Mr. Hoge (low as it is), I can call him names (which I have) but I just can’t say anything about him that’s untrue and, thus far, everything I’ve said about Mr. Hoge is true.

Around these parts, we judge people by their works and Hoge has an immense volume of works that speak to his character – that he is petty, vindictive, vexatious and venomous.

What else can you say about a man who files 366 criminal charges against Bill Schmalfeldt – a man with Stage IV Parkinson’s Disease and wheelchair ridden – for mentioning his name on Twitter?

What else can you say about a man who threatens Matt Osborne with legal action for writing him an email to respectfully request that he cease and desist his attacks on Bill Schmalfeldt?

What else can you say about a man who openly says that he can say anything he wants about you, that you can’t take him to court and if you do (regardless of the outcome) you will pay him $1000 or that, in lieu of court, you will submit to binding arbitration in which three of his co-defendants in a lawsuit brought against them by Brett Kimberlin will stand in judgement over the proceedings and (should they rule against Hoge) all you get is $10 and a retraction/correction.

Oh…did I mention that YOU have to pay for the arbitration?

So how is it I’m going to be the hardest hit with this ruling from a DC court that websites can be held liable for what they say?

Hoge can’t explain that one so he’s just going to guttersnipe for some yuks while the walls are closing in on him.

Of course, the “charming” @DeeInHouston has this to say:

dee in houston

Then I would be in excellent company.

I can read two things into this statement: either Dee is trying to say that I’m going to be facing legal issues of my own somewhere down the road in the near future or that I’m going to have a troll army harassing me or a combination of the two.

Take a number and get in line, dear. I’ll be right with you.

The mockery continues…


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