You Want To Make False Equivalencies?

This is @antvq16 (I think his name is Anthony), one of the Team Lickspittle and staunch Hoge minion over on The Twitter…

army boy doesn't get it

…and clearly he’s a little confused so I’m going to ‘splain some things to him.

For the record, I don’t think representing yourself in court is a good idea unless you really know what the hell you’re doing and Hoge clearly doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing.

In the case of Bill Schmalfeldt, Hoge has a 15% success rate in the courts against him so if Hoge were to file 10 cases against Bill, Hoge would lose 8.5 of them.

On what planet is 85% failure acceptable?

In the case of Brett Kimberlin, Hoge has a 0% success rate in the courts against him so that puts Hoge at 100% failure.

Again, on what planet is 100% failure acceptable?

I also predict with a confidence threshold nearing 100% that Hoge is about to lose yet another motion against Brett Kimberlin on the federal side of the civil case. I challenged you to a wager where the Loser Leaves Twitter – a wager you have most obviously declined because even you, in spite of your bravado, know that I’m right enough times that this would be a sucker bet for you to take.

Now, having said what I said about representing yourself in court (something I’d never do) it is clear who the fool is and I’ll give you a hint: it’s neither Bill nor Brett Kimberlin – it is your master, little minion.

You have yet to notice the pattern that has emerged: Hoge makes a prediction of imminent victory and then comes home to tell you and your fellow lickspittles that he lost. I would have thought even the dimmest among you would have noticed this by now.

And yet you call me stupid.

Let me put this in military parlance for you, Anthony: the string of glorious victories your leader announces are occurring ever closer to home and very soon the enemy will be at the gates of your capital after they’ve run roughshod over your entire country.

Yeah, it’s like that. Surely you’ve noticed your capital has had to make room for the influx of refugees now pouring in en masse by the day? Surely the tent city outside the walls has not escaped your attention?

Or maybe it has. Such is life when you believe the hype to the exclusion of everything else.

Yet, I’m the stupid one.

The mockery continues…


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