Marc DelBianco Knows A Losing Proposition When He Sees One

del bianco takes a hike

Kimberlin Unmasked, the anonymous blogger whose identity was compelled in the Kimberlin v. Walker et al case, is now without representation as Marc DelBianco has filed this motion to withdraw as counsel.

Not good.

Although the motion states that he was only in this to get Kimberlin Unmasked through the unveiling of his client’s identity, I’d like to take this opportunity to proffer a different theory:

Mr. DelBianco knows a losing proposition when he sees one.

Out of all the defendants in Kimberlin v. Walker et al, Kimberlin Unmasked is by far the worst of the lot regularly taking to its blog to print the most outrageous, vile and defamatory statements about Brett Kimberlin. Not without a sense of self-preservation; when it was clear Google was going to be compelled to reveal its identity, Kimberlin Unmasked hastily moved to shut down its blog and run for the hills.

ku makes a run for it

Now if you visit the website, you are greeted with the following message:

offline until further notice

It was rather obvious things weren’t going to bode well for Kimberlin Unmasked when Mr. DelBianco was allegedly overheard apologizing to Brett Kimberlin upon their first encounter when Mr. Kimberlin met the five-part Brodie test for defamation and the court granted a motion to compel Google to turn over identifying information.

Between myself and Bill Schmalfeldt over at Patriot-Ombudsman, we’re wagering now that Kimberlin Unmasked has been dropped as Mr. DelBianco’s client it is going to be the first to flip and make a deal possibly around the same time that it’s identity will be revealed to the world.

Maybe even rat on Akbar, McCain, Walker and Hoge.

Speaking of things Hoge, an interesting bit of information has come across my desk merely moments ago.It seems the defendants, Hoge included, are soliciting donations to help with their legal defense.

The only problem is:

pro bonoThen why are you asking for donations to help pay for a legal defense when your lawyers are working for free?

The mockery continues…

UPDATE: As much as I am loathe to do this, I have Seth Allen to thank for getting the truth out of Hoge.


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