Some Cheese With Your Whine, Sir?

hoge rules 5

I’m so glad you children were present to hear this: Authentic Hogewash Gibberish.  And not only was it authentic, it displayed both an intellectual vacuousness and a deep despair rarely seen in this day and age.

It’s hubris to continuously libel and defame a person on your blog daily and when the person you’re doing this to turns around and sues you for it to tell that person to suck it up.

Hoge is no stranger to whining. Indeed, he’s a world-class whiner. Hogewash! is a monument to fine whine as Hoge has been whining ever since the suit against him was brought against him by Brett Kimberlin.

Not to say he isn’t justified in his whining of Brett Kimberlin, not at all. I’d be pretty upset if, for all my prognostications, I consistently lost against a man whom I made a career out of attacking and a man whom I tell my readers is the worst pro-se litigant ever.

If he’s so horrible at it, Hoge, then why do you keep losing to him?

Mr. Hoge is losing. Badly. Every court encounter he has come up against Brett Kimberlin he has been shot down by a judge. Every prediction of victory Hoge has ever made in his defense against Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuit has come to naught.

Mr. Hoge has, to date, never prevailed in court against Brett Kimberlin.

But yet, Hoge goes on whining about everything and anything under the sun concerning Brett Kimberlin, even going so far as to nitpick on the size of the margins on the filings submitted by Brett Kimberlin.

Mr. Hoge is also the kind of man who makes it a point to go out of his way to vex anyone he feels has crossed him in some way and you’re not allowed (in his mind) to do anything about it. I submit the following from his The Fine Print page:

B. In exchange for access to the Hogewash! content described herein, you agree not to sue W. J. J. Hoge or Hogewash! for its content, whether original or linked or quoted from any source, in any court on any grounds in law or equity. Should you violate this agreement by filing such a lawsuit, you agree to pay Hogewash!’s owner the sum of one-thousand dollars ($1,000.00) as liquidated damages in addition to all attorney’s fees, court costs, or other expenses associated with such litigation and to indemnify and save harmless Hogewash! and its owner from any damage award made against them in such action. Should this agreement not to sue be held unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, you agree to binding arbitration with all arbitration expenses paid by you. The arbitration panel shall be composed of three (3) weblog operators selected by Hogewash!’s owner from those in the links list on the Hogewash! site. The award in such arbitration shall be limited to (1) a monetary sum not to exceed ten dollars ($10.00) and (2) the publication of a retraction or correction on the Hogewash! site. 

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Just in case this was a moment of tl; dr for you – in a nutshell, you don’t get to sue Hoge because of something you read on his website. In fact, access to his website (though it’s freely accessible on the internet) is your acceptance of that agreement and if you break it you owe Hoge $1000.

If the court says he can’t waive your rights to sue for tort (and he can’t), then you have to submit to arbitration – which you will pay for and he gets to select three other blog writers that he’s tight with to rule over the proceedings.

If by some miracle these excellent friends of his rule against him (don’t hold your breath), then all you get is a retraction…and $10.

Yet he mocks us when we refer to his legal wranglings as “Blog Court”.

Can you imagine for a moment having to sit in arbitration headed by a panel comprised of Patrick Frey (who published the medical records and Social Security number of Nadia Naffe), R. Stacy McCain (who himself is also being sued by Brett Kimberlin) and Aaron Walker?

I wouldn’t expect you’re going to get either a fair hearing or your $10 and a retraction.

The mockery continues…


4 thoughts on “Some Cheese With Your Whine, Sir?

  1. lordofsatire2013 says:

    The man maintains his own reality. It’s his world that is real to him, and the every day comings and going of we outside the diaphanous membrane of his protective bubble are irrelevant to the reality he has created in his own mind. The man needs to be locked up and studied. He has become increasingly unhinged over the past year. I fear he may be dangerous, if not to anyone else, at least to his wife and son.

    1. themockerycontinues says:

      You ain’t whistling Dixie, brother!

      I love the part where Hoge makes you pay for arbitration that will have his friends preside over because…fairness.

      Methinks the cheese doth fell from his cracker ages ago.

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