How To Sweat The Petty Shit Part Three – Straw Man Edition

hoge exhibit j

The blog Hoge is in fact referring to is The National Bloggers Club and their Super PAC Friends published September 12, 2012  on the website Crook and Liars, written by Matt Osborne of Osborne Ink with co-author credits to Bill Schmalfeldt of Patriot-Ombudsman, Alex Brandt-Zawadzki and research assistance from Melissa Brewer.

Before I start bashing Hoge about the head and face with heavy mining equipment it’s necessary to list these four individuals’ bona fides.

Matt Osborne of Osborne Ink is an accomplished journalist who has been writing Op-Ed pieces for both The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor as well as many various publications around the country that would take at least three blogs to list.

Bill Schmalfeldt is also an accomplished journalist having won several awards in recognition of his craft as well as being an accomplished author (having written several books) and broadcaster. From 2001-2003 he was a program director at XM Radio before it merged with Sirius.

Alex Brant-Zawadzki is a researcher, a journalist and a public affairs graduate student at the University of San Francisco. His work has appeared in the Times of London, TIME Magazine, the Democratic Daily, The Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, OC Weekly and SF Weekly. Currently he is the Chief Research and New Media Officer for Spend Consciously and often writes for Huffington Post.

Melissa Brewer is a freelance writer in Washington, DC. She has been writing and publishing since 1999. She blogs about progressive politics, green living, and women’s rights. She has experience in fundraising, marketing, copywriting, and public relations.

From 2005-2006, Melissa was honored to serve as the Writer-in-Residence at the Jack Kerouac House in Orlando, Florida, and later, at the (sadly, defunct) Montana Artists’ Refuge. She created a small body of work that she later released as sound files via Creative Commons license. Her poetry is available at in raw sound format (reading) as well as 50 songs remixed into new work. Her works was featured in the SMRP Remix project, and her poem “Why I Love July” has been remixed by 60+ artists from Belgium and around the world.

Melissa Brewer has also worked in fundraising and grant writing, after becoming a graduate of the Nonprofit Boot Camp offered by the Foundation Center in Washington DC. She has volunteered with We Are Family, N Street Village, and Hannah House, helping them use social media for outreach, fundraising, and in-kind donations.

She is currently working on projects in progressive politics and feminism, and is working to help elevate social enterprises, 501c3’s and 501c4’s in the exciting world of social media.

In short, she’s no slouch herself.

With the exception of Alex (whom I’ve not yet met) I consider Matt, Bill and Melissa friends of mine.

The blog Hoge sees fit to deride as “unsourced” has, in fact, 60 links in it that contain sources for every claim the article makes, was written by three accomplished journalists and researched by one of the hardest working independent writers in DC.

In other words, it’s by people who know what the hell they’re doing and talking about.

So what’s Hoge’s problem? That the article is factually wrong somewhere? No – it’s because Brett Kimberlin used it as an exhibit in his case Kimberlin v. Walker et al.

Yes, never mind that Hoge has no journalistic chops of his own. Never mind Hoge isn’t recognized for any journalistic credits at all (he’s a former audio engineer). Never mind Hoge has no awards, accolades or merits to show for his journalistic skills – because he has none.

No. The only thing wrong with this article is that Brett Kimberlin used it as an exhibit so now Hoge feels it’s time to downplay the people who wrote it (who, incidentally, are people he doesn’t like because they all have one thing in common – they’ve all talked back to Hoge).

This is called the straw man fallacy.

It’s also a sign of a man who’s holding the shittiest hand in poker, everybody at the table knows he’s holding the shittiest hand in poker but he’s going to try to bluff his way through it and nobody’s buying it.

It’s well past time to fold ’em, Hoge.

The mockery continues…


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