Yes, Virginia, There Is A Libel Clause

courtney love

I have to say that Courtney Love is aging very well.

So why am I writing about her today, you ask? The answer is very simple and ties in neatly with the overall subject of this blog (aside from the mockery of W.J.J. Hoge).

This woman just proved what I and my compatriots have been saying all along: yes, you too can be sued for libel for what you say on the internet.

Ms. Love opted to settle a libel case against her brought by fashion designer Dawn Simorangkir to the tune of $430,000 (plus interest!) for accusing Ms. Simorangkir of theft and having a criminal background, neither of which were true on both Love’s Twitter timeline and her MySpace blog.

Hmm…one can only imagine the outcome if Ms. Love took to the internet to accuse Ms. Simorangkir of being a terrorist and a pedophile.

A cautionary from Doug Mirell, a partner at Loeb and Loeb and himself a First Amendment free speech expert:

“People are getting in trouble for Twitter postings on an almost daily basis,” said First Amendment Attorney Doug Mirell, a partner at Loeb and Loeb who did not handle the case.

The laws controlling what is and isn’t libelous are the same regardless of the medium in which the statements appear,” he said.

Hoge? Walker? Akbar? Do we have your undivided attention now?

The mockery continues…


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