Meanwhile, Rome Burns…

hoge describes legal strategy

Allow me to get out my scalpel and dissect this.

Once again, Hoge refers to this lawsuit brought against him as “vexatious” and “frivolous” which in Hogespeak means “I wish I had filed it first” and then complains that Xenophon over at Breitbart Unmasked is mocking his “Blog Court” strategy.

Let me explain to you, dear readers, what Xenophon meant by “Blog Court” – a label he coined.

“Blog Court” is a place where the rules of evidence don’t apply. When Hoge and certain of his associates accuse myself, Bill Schmalfeldt, Xenophon and anyone else who dares talk back to them of being part of a fiction known as “Team Kimberlin”, this is a conspiracy theory they want you to buy into that proves we are evil people who act on the orders of their bete noir, Brett Kimberlin.

There’s no evidence to support their claim that any of us are on Brett’s payroll, but that makes no never mind – this is Blog Court where the evidence is whatever Hoge and certain of his associates says it is and it should come as no surprise that your guilt has already been predetermined.

When we follow Xenophon’s lead by referring to their legal strategy as “Blog Court” strategy, we’re not far off the mark when we say this. We have for some time now been watching Hoge and his fellow defendants in Kimberlin v. Walker, et al very closely, reporting on their blog activities.

The “Blog Court” strategy works something like this: take someone whose politics you don’t like (that of Brett Kimberlin), dredge up his past in their respective blogs, add a dash of libel and then try to litigate it all before a judge in a real court of law.

Hoge and his associates have tried this many times in a futile attempt to get the lawsuit against them dismissed and it’s been rejected in both state and federal courts.

More accurately, I call this the “Because…Brett Kimberlin!” defense.

Because Brett Kimberlin used bombs and was convicted, because Brett Kimberlin lied to a grand jury and was convicted and because Brett Kimberlin had a brief break-up with his wife whom they allegedly tried to get her to testify against him that he inaugurated sexual relations before she attained the age of consent and that the former two of these three examples (the bombings and perjury) means that Brett Kimberlin doesn’t have any right to sue anybody for making libellous statements about him. After all, when you are doing battle with the Devil, the ends justify the means and it only matters how pure your intentions were.

The message to the courts is as plain as day: we hate Brett Kimberlin and so should you.

Except, Hoge and his associates are forgetting something: the break-up of Brett and Tetyana aside, all this happened nearly 30 years ago and one’s past is not a disqualifier  to seeking judicial remedy for a tort committed against you.

Yes, Brett Kimberlin was the Speedway Bomber. This is not in dispute however, this is the United States of America and the last time I checked, Brett Kimberlin still has rights: especially the right to sue you for libel and damages should you print defamatory statements about him which cause not only him but his family harm which you have all seen fit to ensure that they pay for the sins of their husband and father.

This is why we call this your “Blog Court” strategy, Hoge, and though you go on to say that Brett Kimberlin has made false statements, you don’t spell out exactly what false statements he’s made about you because from where I’m sitting (and from I’ve read on yours and your associates’ blogs) Brett Kimberlin has been correct.

As far as the “procedural errors” you have alluded to, well…that didn’t make any difference now did it?

The mockery continues…


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