If He’s Half The Bad Pro-Se Litigator You Say He Is, Why Do You Keep Losing To Him?

hoge frivolous lawsuit

I remind you, dear readers, that the accepted definition of a frivolous lawsuit is the lawsuit the other guy filed first.

Really, Hoge? For as long as I’ve been following this story you’ve had no qualms about libelling and defaming Brett Kimberlin. You and your associates have ginned up manufactured rage against him to the extent he’s being stalked, harassed and threatened.

His family, who had nothing to do with his criminal past, have also been targeted for stalking, harassment and threats for no other reason that they are his family.

And now that the chickens have come home to roost, you want to complain  bitterly and stick your hand out for money so that you and your co-conspirators can continue attacking Brett Kimberlin?

You and your accomplices have called this man a terrorist and a pedophile, neither of which is true and when you go so far as to print these words you commit libel.

Spare us your manufactured not-so righteous indignation, Hoge. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. The only thing you’re upset about is that Brett Kimberlin has opted to fight back against the lot of you and that you have all found out the hard way Brett Kimberlin is not going to lie down and take a beating.

You had better hope that man has an ounce of Christian compassion in him.

The mockery continues…


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