Judge Burrell Is Not Impressed With Your Margin Measuring Skills

kimberlin wins again

EDIT: I got the wrong judge. Judge Grimm is the judge on the federal side of the civil case against Hoge and his associates. It has been corrected, but you can hardly blame me for getting it confused as I’ve never known anyone to be facing both state and federal civil cases. That’s gotta be a some kind of record or something.

Another devastating defeat for Hoge today as none of his motions to dismiss the lawsuit against him brought by Brett Kimberlin were granted.

Hell hath no fury like a pissed off judge, Hoge. This is what you get for trying to tell her how to do her job.

I also see that Ali Akbar (Hoge’s boss) is employing that time-worn legal strategy of “What notice? I didn’t get any notice!” … by ducking the process server.

Why does a rat desert a sinking ship? It should be clear to those of us who’ve been watching these events unfold that Ali Akbar is going to do what’s best…for Ali Akbar. He’s going to do his damndest to make sure none of this affects him while you, Hoge and your associates are going to feel every inch of the boot up your backsides.

But he wishes y’all well.

Perhaps now would be a good time to consider making some deals? Please don’t. Sally forth, carry on, pip-pip and all that. After all, you said you welcomed the challenge.

I can’t think of anything more challenging than extricating yourself from this debacle.

I also predict Bill Schmalfeldt is about to become the whipping boy again as you salve yourself from this latest sting. Had a bad day? Beat the Parky – you’ll feel better!

And just to put the title of this blog into some context:

measuring skills

Behold! Hoge’s grand legal strategy – sweat the petty shit.

Karma est une salope…and the mockery continues.


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