Brett Kimberlin Has Had Quite Enough Of Your Shit, Thank You Very Much

The Kimberlins (from left to right): Karina, Brett, Kelsie and Tetyana.
The Kimberlins (from left to right): Karina, Brett, Kelsie and Tetyana.

Finally, a picture that I don’t mind using.

For the record: I think Brett Kimberlin, solely based on the single crime – the bombings – should have served at least half of his time (25 years) before he was eligible for parole.

There. I said it.

Yes, I think using a bomb is a particularly heinous crime, especially the use of time bombs. I’ll even venture as far to say that it’s the mark of a coward but that’s my personal opinion and one of which I’m certainly entitled to.

I don’t hate Brett Kimberlin. Hate is an emotion that requires that you know something about the person, place or thing that you hate. I don’t know Brett Kimberlin well enough – or at all, for that matter – to hate him. Certainly, I do hate the deeds for which he has been convicted of but I don’t hate the man behind them.

Having said that, I’m satisfied that the judicial process has run its course on him and that justice has been served. Brett Kimberlin was tried by a jury of his peers in our courts, the evidence was presented, the jury deliberated, found him guilty and he was handed a sentence in proportion to the magnitude of his crimes as dictated by the sentencing guidelines under the laws of the time.

Hoge, his cult along with his associates brand this man a terrorist. Yes, bombings are the preferred weapon of choice amongst terrorists. A cursory glance at the nightly news will disabuse you of any ideas to the contrary, but terrorism is a very specific charge that carries with it a very specific stigma. Call someone a terrorist and immediately thoughts will turn to Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and our continuing war in Afghanistan now in it’s 13th year.

Being called a terrorist in the media (be it the newspaper or an internet blog), especially when you are a) not a terrorist and b) never having been charged, tried and convicted of terrorism is actionably libelous and moreover, defamatory. To print the words “Brett Kimberlin is a terrorist” would cause for many people (if they believed it) to ostracize Brett Kimberlin and cause him both personal and professional harm.

Nobody would ever deal with Brett Kimberlin if they believed he was a terrorist. He would find himself unable to get jobs, marginalized and shunned by the community in which he resides. His wife and kids would be the targets of any yahoo with an axe to grind and a sense of moral outrage and personal justice. He, along with his family, would be subject to constant harassment via every conceivable communication medium, up to and including threats of violence and/or death.

It therefore shouldn’t come as any surprise to you, dear readers, that this is exactly what is happening to Brett Kimberlin and his family now. To date the Kimberlins have been stalked, harassed and threatened.

As I’ve stated before, Hoge doesn’t delineate targets and civilians. Certain of his associates also don’t delineate targets and civilians as Lee Stranahan and Aaron Walker (both known associates of Hoge’s) took it upon themselves one day to visit a local paper’s website  in the comments section to smear Kelsie Kimberlin and her budding music career – an immensely talented 14 year old girl whose only crime is that she is the child of Brett Kimberlin.

On what planet is it acceptable to visit ruination on the life of a 14 year girl who has done nothing else but to be the daughter of the man you’ve made a career out of attacking?

In my last blog, I made mockery of recording an album with Brett Kimberlin about having sex with underage girls. Believe me when I say this is the one subject I find most unfunny but I did it for a very specific reason and it’s here and now that the explanation I have promised you is forthcoming.

Not being at all satisfied with the constant calling of Brett Kimberlin a terrorist, Hoge and certain of his associates have kicked it up several notches and taken it upon themselves to print the words “Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile”.

Not an alleged pedophile. Not an accused pedophile. A pedophile.

There’s only one thing worse than a terrorist these days and that’s a pedophile. Just the very word turns people’s stomachs and solicits an outrage never before scaled. It’s a primal fear of every parent that an adult would use a child – their child, any child – sexually. This country has enacted draconian laws against anyone convicted of being a pedophile, including barring them from jobs that involve kids and banning them within certain distance of schools. They are forced to register on a database where their address is posted and the public is notified of their presence in the neighborhood and the stigma remains with them for the rest of their natural lives, beyond their serving out their sentences.

Just the insinuation that you are a pedophile alone is enough to get you killed by some deranged idiot who would believe it wholeheartedly.

For the record: if any pedophile were to try something with my kid, it’s going to be his funeral and my trial though I have doubts that any jury in the land would convict me let alone hand down a harsh sentence.

And why is Brett Kimberlin being accused of such a heinous deed, one that would certainly earn him the wrath of just about anyone on Earth? As evidenced in the comment section of the Gazette article on Kelsie Kimberlin’s music video:

There is very strong evidence to suggest that he falsified records in order to marry his now-estranged wife in order to present her as of legal age to wed without her parents’ legal permission. According to her testimony, he inaugurated sexual relations with her before the age of consent. It has already been mentioned here that long ago in Indiana, when he set off the Speedway bombs that took the leg and later the life of a man he had never met, the reason was that he had commissioned a hit on the grandmother of another underage girl with whom he was sexually involved, because she tried to thwart the relationship.

But there is no real evidence to support this accusation any more that there is evidence Brett Kimberlin is a terrorist despite repeated calls for Hoge and associates to produce it and though the comment alludes to an estrangement between Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin (which did occur and I’ll talk about in another blog) they have since reconciled and are back together.

I don’t have to guess as to what the stressor was that caused the split-up in the first place.

Hoge and associates would counter that all the evidence they need is a song written by Brett Kimberlin called “Teenage Dream” where Brett Kimberlin freely admits the lyrical content is all about “fucking a teenage girl”.  This, Hoge and his associates hold up, is prima facie evidence that speaks volumes to Kimberlin’s lust for the young stuff.

While the lyrics of the song aren’t exactly something I’d hum along with, it’s perfectly within Brett Kimberlin’s first amendment rights to free speech to sing about it. Having lived through the latter half of the 80s and into the 90s I’ve heard worse – much worse.

Which reminds me…just wait until Hoge and associates delve into the past of one Ted Nugent. But they won’t because Ted’s got the right kind of politics so anything Ted does is perfectly acceptable, including allegedly having had sex with an underage girl.

It’s not too much of a leap to suggest that by fitting Brett Kimberlin for a jacket he’ll never be able to remove it’s the hope of Hoge and his associates that Brett Kimberlin find himself one day snuffed out by an outraged individual with an intense hatred of pedophiles. Indeed, Hoge and his associates wouldn’t mind in the least if Brett Kimberlin were to be suddenly removed from the face of the Earth and sent to his just reward.

It certainly wouldn’t stab at their consciences nor would they shed a tear.

I would take this opportunity to lecture Hoge and certain of his associates that you can’t go around playing on people’s hatred of pedophiles, print in your respective mediums that Brett Kimberlin is a pedophile and then absolve yourselfs of any responsibility should someone decide to take you at your word.

Brett Kimberlin, in spite of his past crimes, doesn’t deserve any of this. His family doesn’t need to pay for his sins, either. As I watched this orchestrated, god-awful attack on Brett for the last year and a half a part of me wondered at what point Brett Kimberlin was going to decide that he’s had quite enough of this shit?

Apparently, Brett Kimberlin subscribes to the “rope-a-dope” strategy. For the last year and half, Brett Kimberlin has sat back and watched Hoge and his associates run their mouths on their blogs making all kinds of libelous and defamatory statements, quietly archiving their deeds and on November 4th, 2013 Brett Kimberlin finally dropped the hammer.

In a Montgomery county court, a hearing was held in case 380966V (Kimberlin v. Walker et al) to reveal the identity of an anonymous shithead calling itself “Kimberlin Unmasked” who regularly takes to its blog . In order for this reveal to proceed, Brett Kimberlin had to meet what is known as the five-part Brodie Test of defamation.

To wit:

1. Require the plaintiff to notify the poster of the pending subpoena.

2. Suspend the action to afford the poster adequate time to respond.

3. Require the plaintiff to identify and set forth the exact statements allegedly made by the poster.

4. Determine whether the complaint has set forth a prima facie defamation action.

5. Balance the poster’s First Amendment anonymity right against the strength of the plaintiff’s case.

The fifth part of this test is the important part. Judge Michael Algeo, who presided over this hearing, had to weigh Kimberlin Unmasked’s first amendment right to remain anonymous against Brett Kimberlin’s offering evidence of prima facie defamation, including compelling evidence that demonstrated  Brett’s kids were being harmed by it. So shocking were these examples of defamation that Brett submitted that courtroom observers were heard expressing audible amazement.

It didn’t take long for the judge to decide, “Yup. This is defamatory.” and the request to compel Kimberlin Unmasked’s identity (which the website was later to have been discovered to list Lynn Thomas as it’s owner and registrant) was granted.

Hoge and his associates now find their particular asses in a very specific sling: they are all facing state and federal civil trials for defamation. Instead of arguing the merits of the law, Hoge and associates have opted to try to dredge up Kimberlin’s past in filings to get his case dismissed, Hoge going so far as to hammer on minor technicalities such as getting out a ruler to measure the margins of the pages on which Brett Kimberlin has filed his complaint and Aaron Walker bitching about a signature block.

It should also be noted that if one’s past was a disqualifier for seeking judicial remedy, we’d all be screwed.

So far all Hoge has managed to do is piss off the judge, as has Walker. I take it upon myself to remind them that judges don’t like being told how to do their jobs, especially when they’ve been at the same job for a very long time.

I also take this opportunity to point out this is the United States of America. Even Satan himself would get a fair trial based on the merits of the case and not for who he was or is.

In every court encounter, Hoge has lost against Brett Kimberlin. That’s right – Hoge’s success rate against rebuffing Brett Kimberlin’s filings is precisely zero. His associates named in Brett Kimberlin’s complaint, the same.

100% failure.

The mockery continues…


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