Sure, Let’s Talk About Brett Kimberlin For A Moment

brett kimberlin

I really hate using this picture for a multitude of reasons, the biggest being that this is the one Hoge and his band of conspirators use to incite your hatred of this man but I do have a duty to tell the truth and I do so without any reservations.

This is Brett Kimberlin and the photo you are looking at is his mugshot from 1973, 41 years ago.

In 1973, Brett Kimberlin was convicted of felony perjury – he lied to a grand jury investigating drug trafficking at his high school when he testified that he had not sold LSD. He was sentenced to a year in jail but was let out 21 days into his sentence.

Yes, Brett Kimberlin was a drug dealer and a very successful one. His profits on his drug sales netted him hundreds of thousand of dollars a month, the estimated equivalent of about 1-3 million in today’s dollars. With his drug profits, Brett invested in several legitimate businesses including a health food store, a vegetarian restaurant and a Earth shoe franchise.

In 1978, Brett Kimberlin was implicated in the murder of the mother of an employee/friend of his by the name of Julia Cyphers.  The investigation that followed into the Cyphers murder never produced any evidence linking Brett Kimberlin to the crime, though Hoge and his cohorts would like you to believe he got away with murder.

1978 was also the year that a series of bombings over a period of six days in September took place in the town of Speedway, Indiana which all but one of the bombings caused no injuries.

The final bombing injured Carl DeLong and his wife, with Mr. DeLong suffering the most serious of injuries – the amputation of his right leg. Mrs. DeLong’s also required significant hospitalization and rehabilitation.

Carl DeLong was to commit suicide five years later in 1983.

During the course of the investigation into what is now known as The Speedway Bombings, investigators found a Mark-Time timer and Tovex 200 (the explosive material) which they traced to Brett Kimberlin and immediately ordered he be placed under surveillance. The police believed that Brett Kimberlin had committed the bombings to deflect attention from the murder investigation.

At this point no arrest was made until September 20th, 1978 when Brett Kimberlin was arrested by the FBI for entirely different charges.

To wit:  possession and illegal use of Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the Seal of the President of the United States and impersonation of a federal officer. He was detained for all of a week and a half, then finally released.

Brett Kimberlin was still, however, facing federal charges for the crimes of which he was accused.

On February 16, 1979 a small plane on a flight from Columbia was forced to jettison 5 tons of marijuana over a wide area of south-eastern Texas due to low fuel and bad weather so that the plane could land safely at a legitimate airport without the crew’s fear of arrest for smuggling. Brett Kimberlin wasn’t on the plane but he was at a makeshift airport presumably to supervise the unloading of that marijuana. Upon hearing his shipment had to be ditched, Brett took it upon himself to go out and retrieve the bales of marijuana now littering the Texas countryside.

It was then he was arrested a few hours later attempting to retrieve the bales.

In June of 1980, Brett Kimberlin was convicted in a Texas federal court for conspiracy to possess marijuana with intent to distribute and given a four year sentence. In November the same year, Brett Kimberlin was convicted of possession and illegal use of Department of Defense insignia, illegal use of the Seal of the President of the United States, and impersonation of a federal officer.

Finally,  Brett Kimberlin was convicted of the Speedway Bombings in a trial that took 53 days and included 118 witnesses, and his sentences for all of his convictions were aggregated to a total sentence of 50 years.

Of all these crimes Brett Kimberlin was convicted of the one crime he adamantly asserts his innocence is the Speedway Bombings. It should be noted, however, that since his conviction he has yet to bring any new evidence to light exonerating himself of that charge.

For all intents and purposes, he is the Speedway Bomber and will remain the Speedway Bomber until such time evidence is given to refute that conviction.

You, the reader, are forgiven for thinking this man is a recidivist and a career criminal. You are also forgiven for thinking that this man is beyond any sort of redemption.

It’s a perfectly normal, human reaction to the crimes for which he has been convicted.  It should be noted for the record here and now that Brett Kimberlin has since paid his debt to society for which the judicial system is satisfied he has paid that debt after being released on parole in 1994 having served a sentence of 13 years.

Brett Kimberlin was reincarcerated having his parole revoked in 1997 for failing to make court-ordered restitution in a civil judgment brought against him by the survivors of the DeLong family and was released four years later in 2001.

Brett Kimberlin is, to this day, a free man.

For my own part – until a year and a half ago, I had never heard of Brett Kimberlin. I was all of 4 years old when he was first convicted of perjury, all of 9 years old when the Cyphers murder and the Speedway Bombings happened, all of 10 when he was arrested in Texas trying to get his marijuana back and all of 11 years old when he was finally convicted on all the above charges (save the murder of Julia Cyphers).

I’m also willing to bet here and now that up until you’ve read this blog, you have never heard of Brett Kimberlin.

This is the man to whom W.J.J. Hoge and his cult ascribe evil incarnate. To hear Hoge tell it, Brett Kimberlin is a nefarious villain who couldn’t be any more evil if he had a secret lair located deep within the bowels of an active volcano!

To hear Hoge tell it, Brett Kimberlin possesses a Svengali-like influence over the weak-minded fools who cannot see just how evil he really is and this power extends over state and federal judges who are, at this moment, deciding the fate of Hoge and certain of his associates in a civil RICO suit Brett Kimberlin has brought against them.

To hear Hoge tell it, Brett Kimberlin is in command of a secret cadre of footsoldiers who can be activated with a word whose primary mission is to attack, discredit and silence people like Hoge and his associates.

To hear Hoge tell it, I (yes, yours truly) am part of the Evil Kimberlin Empire, a George Soros Production.

That’s right – W.J.J. Hoge would have you believe that a man I haven’t until recently ever heard of, never met in person (still never met in person), never knew personally (still don’t know him personally), never spoken to (and still have yet to speak to) and never had any dealings with that I work for Brett Kimberlin, even going as far as to suggest that I am a paid employee and agent of this man.

Of course, anybody can be a part of the Evil Kimberlin Empire. All you have to do is dare speak the truth to Hoge and you will find yourself a member of Team Kimberlin.

Go ahead. Walk over to Hogewash and dispute anything Hoge says.

In the next series of blogs I will outline the history of Hoge’s battle with Brett Kimberlin and, as always, the mockery will continue.


5 thoughts on “Sure, Let’s Talk About Brett Kimberlin For A Moment

    1. themockerycontinues says:

      Just go over to Hogewash! (no, I’m not going to link to it) and disagree with anything Hoge says. Make sure you place heavy emphasis on the truth and be sure to call out the inconsistencies in the tales he weaves that can be easily verified on Google.

      That’s how you make your bones in the Evil Kimberlin Empire.

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