What’s All This Then?

Welcome, readers to the first of many blogs and stories here on The Mockery Continues and the first question probably on your mind right now is what this is all about. Well, I’ll tell you. First, I’d like you all to meet the subject of this blog – one Mr. William John Joseph Hoge III of Westminster, Maryland.


Mr. Hoge runs a little blog called “Hogewash” and, sure, I’ll link to it if for no other reason than to announce my coming out party. I assure this will be the once and only time I’ll do this. On this little blog of his, Mr. Hoge covers four (actually, five if you count the random political pieces which are few and far between) topics which are:


Pinky and The Brain references (which aren’t nearly as funny as the original).

His ongoing defense of a civil RICO lawsuit brought against him by Brett Kimberlin for defamation and libel, a man who he has indeed defamed and libeled by referring to Mr. Kimberlin as a pedophile, murderer, terrorist, etc. Feel free to read Hoge’s blog in it’s entirety if you don’t wish to take my word for it.

His ongoing lawfare of civil and criminal charges he’s brought against Bill Schmalfeldt for the high crime of sending @ mention Tweets that Hoge does not approve of for which he sought a civil peace order by swearing under oath his life was in danger from a 58 year old man on Twitter who is both bound to a wheelchair and suffering from Stage IV Parkinsons disease (I couldn’t make this up if I tried).

It is the latter two for which this blog has been created and why we find ourselves on this particular venture. Two days ago I took it upon myself to point out truthfully (by way of comment) on Mr. Hoge’s blog that it’s disingenuous to say that when you have an 85% loss rate against Bill Schmalfeldt ( a man you are bound and determined to see thrown behind bars)  and a 100% loss rate against Brett Kimberlin( a man whom you have taken it upon yourself to defame, libel and hound without mercy) you really can’t say that you’re victorious and not a loser.

And that’s the truth, really. If you knew the plane you were about to get on with a hundred other people was going to crash somewhere between your departure and destination and 85 of you were going to die (but you don’t which 85 of you will die) would you still get on that plane?

No one in the real world would accept an 85% failure rate on anything, let alone 100%, but that’s grist for another mill entirely. I did predict that my comment was going to last all of, at most, 10 minutes before Hoge (ever the defender and hero of free speech) deleted it. Predictably, it was gone in 8 minutes.

But then Hoge had a change of heart. He decided to go ahead and publish my comment on his next blog along with some additional information: namely my email and IP address. That he published said information doesn’t upset me, contrary to and in spite of what Mr. Hoge believes. No…what does upset me is the reason why he did it – and it was for no other reason than to have me stalked and harassed via internet (and possibly in the real world) and that’s precisely what happened when I received this little gem in my inbox about an hour after Hoge published my email and IP address.

dave u random

It calls itself “Dave U Random” and has a long, chequered past as being a troll extraordinaire dating as far back as 2010 to the extent that Dave has made itself persona non grata  on many Usenet (or what is now known as Google Group) forums.

So…Hoge publishes my email and IP address. Within the hour, I’m getting these veiled pathetic threats from this Dave entity who doesn’t quite understand that if I didn’t want it known I wouldn’t have posted it on Facebook or anywhere else online but I’m supposed to be frightened.

Or something.

Well, I’m not frightened. Not in the least.

I lay the blame and responsibility for this squarely at the doorstep of William John Joseph Hoge III. It was you, Hoge, who published my IP and email address. It was you, Hoge, who did it for the high crime of my telling the truth about you and your litigious shenanigans.  It was you, Hoge, that opened the door for this low-rent harassment.

And it is you, Hoge, that will now be thoroughly and mercilessly mocked on this blog every day for it – for I will be looking you straight in the eye and calling you out in front of the entire world for the cheap, lying, no-good, four-flushing, sanctimonious, odious, obnoxious, yellow-bellied, dirt-eating, snake-licking, overstuffed, inbred, ignoramus, worm-headed, brainless, dickless,  spineless, cowardly, contemptible,  microcephalic, moldering, pustular, flaming pile of whale spunk you really are.

And I say all this with a smile on my face because I judge you to be a joke of a man.

I was taught that when confronted by a bully the correct response was to stand up to the bully and since Hoge has decided to be a bully this is my way of telling him that I will be delighted to meet him behind the bleachers after school to render unto him the ass-whupping he so rightly (and righteously) deserves.

And in case I haven’t made my position on WJJ Hoge very clear: from the bottom of my heart….


…to the tip of my outstretched middle finger, the mockery will continue.


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