Je Me Demande … Comment Dit-On “Sociopathe” En Français?

Ah, Hogewash! He’s so proud of his little website, our Hoge is.

When I set up this website, Hoge was just a tad bit slow in getting around to responding to it because first he had to act like he could care less about anything I say, though he stalks my Twitter timeline furiously for any minutiae, no matter how far down at the quantum level he has to tunnel, to pounce on.

That I called him a “overstuffed, inbred, spineless, dickless…flaming pile of whale spunk”? Nope. Not even a “meh”.

That I have several times pointed out that I and my friend Anthony Grace are getting death threats from his anonymous Flying Monkey Brigade? Umm…nope, nary a peep out of the old boy on that one.

It’s no bullshit, folks. My good friend Anthony and I are actually getting death threats from the Flying Monkey Brigade!

To wit:

death threat 1

And there’s this, which predicts I will assume room temperature on my 45th birthday. Kind of sad, really – I just finished fixing up the old boat.

death threat 2

And there’s the emails Anthony is getting proving to him they can work Google Maps – you know, the old “we know where you live” thing.

First of all, allow me to dispel any myth that these anonymous shitheads are any kind of sooper-hackers: all the information they’ve posted on Anthony is publicly available online, including his address, email and telephone number.

See, Anthony has something on these fuck sticks – he’s a successful business man who runs his own website development company whereas they’ve never accomplished anything of any mention in their lives (unless you count eating, sleeping and wasting oxygen). That these little porkswords would deign to use his business contact info into trying to scare him to get to me speaks volumes to their depravity.

I digress. See, none of anything I said up to this point has gotten any kind of a rise out of Hoge. One would think that he’d not be cool with people making death threats to complete strangers online in his name, but no – that’s all right, it’s okay.

But when you go and say something like this:

wil tweets about hogewash 1

Suddenly, Hoge has an apoplectic fit and feels the need to correct you.

How dare you suggest that YOU are as popular as HOGE?!? Don’t you know Hogewash is the be-all, end-all of websites?

You’ll never be as cool as Hoge! Nobody likes you! Hoge’s hit counters are stupid huge! Why, Hogewash is the Second Coming and the Best Thing To Happen Since Sliced Bread!

Seriously, this is how he responded. Not with concern that random strangers were being threatened, not with sensible admonitions that those who are engaged in this behavior should knock it off, oh no – you dare suggest that your website is as popular as his and he suddenly has to get on his blog and set the record straight.

What. A. Shithead.

Popularity, hit counts, web traffic – these are the only things that matter to Hoge.

Just let that sink into mind for a moment, readers. Is there a word that is coming to mind that would accurately describe a person who doesn’t give a shit about his fellow man? Would there be any label you could stick on Hoge right now that would accurately fit him?

Why, yes – sociopath!


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