“He Shouldn’t Have A Public Forum If He Can’t Handle The Truth!”

So says a friend of mine on Facebook and she’s quite right.

Hoge has  zero tolerance for both the truth and anyone who speaks it.  In Hoge’s world, his is the only opinion that matters and anyone who says otherwise and has the unmitigated gall to question his version of events he puts out the word to his anonymous Flying Monkey Brigade to intimidate you into silence by issuing ridiculous death threats they’ll never make good on.

Hoge knows this is happening. He condones it because he mistakenly believes that those he has put on his enemies list will wither and wilt under the barrage of his online goon squad.

Just how much of a bald-faced liar is Hoge? Consider:

hoge lie jan 9 2014

By “Cabin Boy”, Hoge is referring to Bill Schmalfeldt (he’s got these cutesy nicknames for people he doesn’t like – mine’s Very Ordinary Seaman Ferguson). You know, the scary guy on Twitter in the wheelchair and the Stage IV Parkinsons Hoge thinks is a threat and swore an oath under the same?

Well, you know…Bill COULD roll over his foot or something because those wheelchairs are pretty deadly, man.

The fact is Hoge has filed in excess of 300 criminal charges against Bill all for the same thing: the high crime of Bill using Twitter @ mentions to talk about Hoge, 13 of which have been dismissed so far (or in legal terms, Bill is being charged with over 300+ violations of a peace order). On the civil side, Hoge has filed for a peace order (which is something like a restraining order in the state of Maryland but doesn’t quite have the teeth of one).

On the first try, Hoge’s attempt to file a peace order was rebuffed. On the second, Hoge managed to find himself a judge that doesn’t understand “the Twitter” and ruled that Bill was indeed harassing Hoge and thus, Hoge got his peace order. When Bill attempted to get the peace order lifted, the judge ruled that it stay in force for another six months.

Bill attempted to appeal the judge’s decision but the appeals court turned it away for reasons only known to the appeals court. My guess is that they didn’t feel such a matter was something for them to rule on.

This is the important thing to understand – the appeals court didn’t uphold the judges’ ruling, they just opted not to hear it and that doesn’t translate into Bill having lost his appeal.

And that’s the story – Hoge has filed way more charges than he claims to have on his blog. In fact, when it looked like the sheriff’s deputies were going to haul Bill off to the hoosegow, then decided not to for they saw the bullshit for what it was, it was Hoge who whined to the deputies that Bill must be arrested – they acquiesced then promptly changed their minds again, deciding not to arrest Bill.

One of the deputies suggested to Bill that he document everything for a future lawsuit against Hoge. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill does just that.

On a side note, I just heard from my good friend Anthony Grace again who sent me an email from our anonymous cowards from Hoge’s Flying Monkey Brigade posting a link to Google Earth of where Anthony lives. They did this because they think I think they’re fucking around.

Well, they are fucking around. They’re still anonymous cowards who aren’t going to do anything other than run to the end of their chains and bark. Knowing that I am not going to be intimidated, they’ve opted to go after Anthony in an vain attempt to silence me.

We’re both laughing at you still, boys, and rest assured the mockery will continue.


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